April 8th, 2016

Ever since I heard Underoath was doing a reunion I knew I had to photograph this one. Was all lined up to photograph their set at So What. But due to last minute changes was unable to do so. Which was a bummer. But stuff happens and I wasn't gonna let that stop me. I saw they would be in Tulsa the Tuesday after the festival. So I figured i'd try for that one. Though I didn't know how I was going to. With no word back from their PR and it being a day away. I felt out of luck. Until I ended up talking to a friend whom knew the band and he offered to help me out. Next thing I know I'm lined up to photograph the show in Tulsa. Of which I couldn't be happier that this ended up working out. These photos i've captured are some of my favorite to date. And couldn't be more excited I finally got to photograph one of my favorite bands on their reunion tour. Huge thanks goes to Mikey Martin.


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